I have personally noticed it in last 2-3 days as my keywords ranking, which was exactly matching to website domain, gone down even upto the instant that all of the keywords gone OUT OF SEARCH. It must be EMD Update, i think.
Except of it a great experience of feeling that its a EMD update is that if one will search their domain (without extension), he/she might not be able to find the domain at their previous ranking. If reputation of domain is not enough it might be happen that you will not find your domain in search results.
For checking the update i searched the keyword “Cheap Website“. Previously i were some sites with exact matching domains ranking on 1st page, but after update there were no site in ranking which was using this keyword “cheapwebsite” in domain.
Also to check domain, i have searched a random url “paydayloanonline” in google.co.uk, and found that  the domain itself is not in rank, instead i found its other related urls over top of its own Exact Match Domain domain.
So, check your domain rich keywords OR your domains to see if you have been charged for having a promotional domain name.

Also a reference for you about the update


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